Keep scrolling to reveal the heart and vision of the Amplify Creative Arts Camp.


Amplify is a seven-day creative arts camp for young people aged school year 11 to 30 years, from across New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and for the first time in 2020, Samoa.




There are three main purposes for Amplify.



Creativity: To encourage and equip young people in the creative arts and help them to discover how to use these skills in their corps and community 


Relationship: To help build positive connections between young people across our territory 


Discipleship: To strengthen and develop young people in their discipleship journeys

Amplify began in 2010 and is now in it’s 11th year. We praise God for all he has done through Amplify and the young people and leaders over this time!



Here's what happens during the week.


Across the seven days, young people spend time learning in two creative fields (a major and minor), exploring their own giftings and how they can use these to build the Body as well as positively impact their community.

We also spend time together in Bible studies each day, as well as free time, meals, camp-wide activities, workshops, church services, activities in our café and the Exhibition Night.

The Exhibition Night is an in-house event where our young people and leaders have an opportunity to share what they have learned through the week in a safe and encouraging setting.

We do livestream this event so that everyone can get a taste of Amplify and see their young people/friends/family using their giftings! Join us via livestream on the 16th January as we celebrate and encourage our young people!



Commitment to the journey, both at camp and at home.


While adults over the age of 30 can not attend camp, we have an experienced team of around 40 staff (including Divisional Youth Secretaries) each year that are there to journey with your young people – they do an exceptional job of caring, praying, chatting, learning and having fun with your young people!

So while you may not be able to be there, your young people are in safe hands! Please let us know if you have a young person with particular needs that we might need to look out for.

This year, we are inviting youth leaders over the age of 30 to apply to attend camp. Please contact your corps officer for more info.

We know leaving a safe, spiritual community like Amplify and heading back to reality can be hard - we are keen to work with you better in how the Amplify ‘experience’ translates back to your young people’s home, corps and social life!

If you want more information about Amplify or have suggestions on how this partnership could be improved – we would love to hear from you.



In 2019...


... said Amplify helped them on their spiritual journey.

... said a valuable part of Amplify is meeting and connecting with other Salvation Army youth.

...made a first-time decision or recommitment at Amplify.

...enjoyed their creative classes, and over 86% said they feel more confident and better equipped to get involved at their corps.

My highlight was finding out my gifts and realising my area of the corps I want to be involved with!

It’s nice to be able to go somewhere and instantly feel like you are part of a family.

The night churches, personal connections and prayer meetings have invigorated me to strive to better my personal relationship with God as well as ignited a passion for prayer in my life!

Amplify has helped me feel loved by people as well as God which was a big issue for me before hand.

The people at Amplify surrounded me with such a spiritual and non-judgmental environment that I was able to connect more with God and was able to find answers to questions I have had for a long time in conversation with people who understand and didn’t judge me.

We got to meet one of our church’s sponsored children from Tonga, which would never have been possible without God's power through the Salvation Army!