• Alcohol and illegal drugs are a big no-no!

  • Your lanyard needs to be worn at all times as this lets us know that you are one of us.

  • No boys in girls’ accommodation and no girls in boys’ accommodation. There is no good reason to be in there, only bad ones.

  • You need to attend all scheduled activities, and need to be on time.

  • Comply with the directions of all staff. They are here to ensure you are safe and have a good time. And they look very suave.

  • Please do not leave the site by yourself or in a group. The only time this is permissible is during designated ‘free time’ in the afternoon. A sign in/sign out sheet can be found in the dining room. This lets us know who has left, and when we need to send out a search party.

  • Please place all rubbish in the bins provided.

  • Please respect other people’s belongings, including instruments and gear.

  • You need to be in your rooms by curfew each night.

  • The Amplify Team can and will send any delegate home if they break the above rules or display a negative/harmful attitude or behaviour.